Heavy Highness Interview

A band that makes it easy for you to getting hooked on their sound. We’ve talked to them about their background, band members and almost everything you need to know.

Elliot Moss Interview

“Listeners are very perceptive and can hear when you aren’t being genuine.” Elliot Moss and what he has learned over the years.

A journey with Weaver

“I like to look at shows as conversations between the artist and the audience.” Backstage with singer-songwriter Weaver.

Elin Bergman Interview

“It was basically a big fuck you to everybody that ever treated me without respect.” Elin Bergman about her music career.


Fascinated by the architecture, we decided to situate a photoshoot with Glimmer Of Blooms in this location.

Interviewing La Mar

“There are always going to be people trying to tear you down when you are on top of things and we pity those people.”

Interview: Sitkah

We got asked by Audiokult to write an article about the Canadian newcomer Sitkah.


After listening to a song for a whole day, you will naturally know if your track is a real masterpiece or simply just crap.

Artwork: Home

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We created the artwork for Glimmer Of Blooms’ new single “Home”, released by La Belle Musique.

Artwork: Take Me Out

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See what we did for Glimmer of Blooms’ track “Take Me Out”.