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A band that makes it easy for you to getting hooked on their sound. We’ve talked to them about their background, band members and almost everything you need to know.
On Facebook they write “Heavy Highness is a band“. That’s probably the most basic info anyone ever posted to Facebook. But good to know in the first place. While only founded in Summer 2015 in London, the sound of Heavy Highness feels like being around for much longer than that. And not without a reason: All members have been musicians for quite some time before teaming up. Being asked how they would describe their own sound, they state:
“We guess it’s rock, if you had to pick a single genre. The places Max and Ike’s personal influences overlap are bands like The Beatles, The Allman Brothers and in terms of a contemporary band, Queens of the Stone Age.“

TOP 10 Facts about Heavy Highness (for the lazy ones):
1. Heavy Highness is a band!
2. They consist of five members, and each of them plays an instrument and sings.
3. Their songs are inspired by bands like The Beatles, The Allman Brothers or Queens of the Stone Age.
4. Heavy Highness are based in London, founded in 2015.
5. Most of their songs are created in Max’s kitchen.
6. Their band name stands for the idea of the music being both aggressive and tender.
7. „Good-looking and well-dressed“ is how they picture their average listener.
8. The two Max’s are touring with Tom Odell.
9. Heavy Highness have already played shows in The O2 Academy in Islington, The Lexington, The Amersham Arms, The Sebright & The Finsbury.
10. They just released the music video to their song „Buckle“!

So what’s the story behind Heavy Highness?
“Max and Ike met at a pub where Max was working. Ike’s brother introduced us and we did a few writing sessions together in summer 2015. Originally it was just a four-piece with Toby and Max on drums and bass respectively. We played our first show late that year. Our motives are simply to make the best music we are capable of and eventually to do Heavy Highness full time.”

Thinking of your band name „Heavy Highness“, should we take the name for what it is or do you have any second thoughts for us?
“It’s probably some ham-fisted stoner reference. It also stands for the idea of the music being both aggressive and tender. We got bored of arguing about a band name but we love what the guy who does our artwork – guy called Josh Drewe – has created with Heavy Highness.”

How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?
“By writing it down… but we’d want to know more about the deafness and how they feel about sound before talking to them about it. The idea of sound might be something they are trying to forget or ignore.“

Imagine an ordinary day in the studio. Can you draw us a picture of your working routine?
“Almost all our songs come from Max and Ike sat at a piano in Max’s Kitchen. Then we get together with the boys in a rehearsal studio and see their reactions.”

We’ve discovered that your song „Heavy Drinking“ is in Tom Odell’s Spotify playlist. Do you guys know each other?
“Max and Max auditioned for Tom Odell before he was famous and have played for him ever since. Because the two Maxes tour with him, he comes to some of our shows.”

How would you picture your average listener?
“Good-looking, well-dressed… at the moment, our average listener is one of our family or friends so it’s not difficult to picture.”

You’ve already played a lot of live-shows. Which venues have you already played at and are there any specific experiences that you want to share with us?
“The O2 Academy 2 in Islington, The Lexington, The Amersham Arms, The Sebright, The Finsbury and some acoustic shows. Every one of them has been packed and we’re really grateful for that.”

What’s happening in the near future?
“We have the video to our single ‘Buckle’ out. A film company called Bentley, Bentley & Bentley used our song ‘Maybe You’ll Leave Me’ in their debut short film so we were lucky enough to have them direct and produce ‘Buckle’ for us. It was great fun to film.
We’ll probably play a couple of shows before the end of the year and then hit it hard in 2017. We’re planning a tour of the north of England for the new year, too.”

Is there anything else your listeners need to know about Heavy Highness?
“No, just thanks for the interview and thanks to anyone who likes what we do. We hope to see you soon.”

IKE: Songwriter, guitar player and singer. Ike earns his nickname „The grumpy old man“ by being „already“ 32 years old. Plus he does have a more cynical view on things.

MAX: Songwriter, guitar player and singer. The other band members call him „The dreamer“ due to him being an unfailing source of original ideas with an idealistic nature. You might also know him from touring with Tom Odell.

MAX: Bass player, singer. Max, also called „the sock ironer“ genuinely irons his socks and is always dressed immaculately with not a hair out of place. He’s also touring with Tom Odell.

HENRY: The one who plays the keys, singer. His nickname is „The Wild Man“. Henry is wild and will not be tamed. He has two gears – asleep and a million miles an hour. He’s the joker in the pack.

TOBY: Drummer and singer. He’s called „The adventurer“ because yes, he loves adventures. When he’s not traveling the world, he either goes on cycling trips or plays concerts with bands like „The Noisettes“.

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