Hi, my name is Katharina Rauch, I’m the founder of rarely known. If you decide on working with us you’ll be dealing with me most of the time. Luckily I do have a small team behind me consisting of creatives, web developers and even music producers who will be happy to work on your behalf.

My passions are music, probably needed to write this there hugh?, discussing cultural and social issues and home-made ice tea.
I graduated from a school for higher education in communication and media design, from university in the subject of journalism and communication science and from a three year course in art photography. Plus I’ve also been working in the music industry before. Being part of a record label’s team for several years, made me realize what’s needed in order to start a successful career as an artist.


rarely known helps musicians on their musical journey. We are here to support, guide and promote music that should be heard by more people than just your mum. No offense, mums are great but we do have in-depth knowledge, experience and sustaining enthusiasm when it comes to promoting music we love. Our mission is to offer our services to artists and labels who seek real advice instead of simply buying followers and likes.

We deliver on time.
We stick to our agreements.
We have some pretty badass high quality standards.

We don’t have fixed pricing tables. We much rather believe in adjusting the price to your budget and needs. Do you have a small budget but are dreaming big? We can come up with an easy solution that doesn’t cost the world. Or do you have a lot of money to spend and no plan at all? Well in that case we don’t just take your money, we will work out the best strategy ever for you.
Simply get in touch with us and discuss what you need.

The struggle is real

There are quite a lot agencies all over the globe fishing for customers, making visionary promises about followers and likes. It can be pretty hard to decide who to work with, especially when you need to detect whether or not those companies are trustworthy. In fact you are about to pass on your carefully recorded pieces that value so much for you, so choose your partner wisely.