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rarely known is a music marketing agency!
We focus on emerging artists from around the world and help them to not only achieve their goals but to also establish their own recognizable brand. Believing in our skilled and talented musicians is important to us which we are sure is key in any successful marketing campaign.

rarely known is young and knows what’s going on!
Besides our branding and music marketing skills, we are never afraid of engaging in different fields and experimenting with new ideas. We don’t work on the base of ready-made plans but we truly believe in constructing strategies with our clients.


Have you ever seen a successful person without a Logo or Website?

We make sure to personalize and shape your brand. Therefore we can create your logo, name, color scheme, banner for social media sites and website, or anything you want. Seriously! Just tell us what you need!

Before going public, you need to know who you are and the values you stand for. Shaping your brand means getting to know yourself, being aware of it and designing every little inch of your presence according to this. It’s an important process that will help you to stand out.

If you are serious about your music, you need to be just as serious about your marketing.

We do social media marketing, email marketing and networking and can help you in finding strategies to improve your online activities. Just choose the channels you need help with and rarely known will happily be your guide.

Why would you not do social media marketing? You can reach people all over the world, it’s cost effective and fun. We help you in finding potential fans and increasing your engagement with your community. Social networking can just be so powerful if practiced wisely.

Wondering why everyone is using the phrase “Content is key?”

You will eventually need an artwork for your album cover, a music video or just some piece of writing. We will do that for you and help you creating the content you need. Sometimes you want to do things yourself but don’t know how. In that case we’ll be happy to assist you in the process of creating valuable content for your projects.

Authentic and interesting content draws just so much more attention to you and your music. It adds value to your work and your community will actively start following you for being a worthwile source of entertainment and information. Your content is who you are, so make sure it’s awesome.

Find the right strategy and stick to it.

Whether you’re releasing a new music video or album. Whether you’re going to play a gig at a local bar or planning your next tour. We’d love to do a campaign to promote those special occasions for you.

There is a time in a musicians life when an important project needs to reach a whole bunch of people. Ideally the right ones. A great music marketing plan and strategic acts will help you reaching your goals.

The good old promotional campaigns…

We believe that if done right, your social media marketing also functions as great PR. We will help you in finding your niche audience that is keen on getting to know your story. We’ll get in touch with music-blogs and non-music blogs for you and reach out to brands that match your style.

Not every music channel, magazine or blog will be interested in what you do. And that’s ok. You want to attract those, who fit your style. Getting recognized in a big sea of great artists can be quite hard. It’s just so important to reach those who are interested in what you have to say.

Why Choose Us?

We're Real

Rarely known is a real company with real people. We won’t transfer fake-likes to your social media profiles and call it a day. We will do a real job and create a strategy that’s just made for you.

We love music

We’re listening to music all day every day and keep ourselves informed about the music industry. It’s important for us to know what’s going on in order to help you with our services.

We're motivated

Rarely known is a young company that’s aiming for a thriving future. Because your growth as a musician is directly connected with the growth of our business we ensure to do the best we can.

We're flexible

In this ever-changing world we are dedicated to adapt and react to anything that’s happening. We’re addicted to detecting trends and staying on top of developments within society.

We're Responsible

You can count on us. If you are in, we are in too. We will always deliver your content in time and stick to our appointments. Being punctual and reliable is the premise of our work ethic.

We're Creative

Yes, we are. Just making sure you know, that we love coming up with new ideas and content. Just try us!

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